In The Studio With Kim McAninch

We are excited to go behind the scenes with Pittsburgh-based abstract expressionist painter Kim McAninch as we discover the interesting path that led her to become a full-time artist.

Kim started selling her original oil paintings online and her work is now held in private collections across the world.

Kim McAninch graduated from Miami University in Oxford with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree, which led to a career in design which spanned 17 years and saw her designing a range of products from wallpaper to flooring and wrapping paper. Kim also teaches art classes locally in Pittsburgh to help others discover the techniques of palette knife painting in oil.

“My wallpaper and design career has definitely informed my art. I designed in just about every style in respect to interiors and pattern design, so I feel that I have the experience and knowledge to move in many directions. I enjoy now, that there is an absence of a set of requirements for my projects. But the very same elements are at play. I am free to use my own innovation with no justification, to explore that balance between representation and design.”

Kim joined the global online art gallery FineArtSeen earlier this year and has sold several of her works to British art collectors.

“It certainly is a new world, where art can be purchased off the internet, assisted by companies such as FineArtSeen. I can focus on my work and leave the marketing to people who can expose my artwork to collectors all over the world.” Kim says.

Kim has sold 150 original paintings online.

Kim’s core subjects include landscape and flowers, and she has also produced a series of figurative paintings in her signature style.

“My feeling is that I create expressionist art. My colour is often intense and non-naturalistic and my application is painterly. While the subject and degree of abstraction may differ, I see that my decisions are made with the same hand, so to speak! I am inspired by this statement from another artist ‘Loose but accurate and then looser but more accurate. I want to offer more information, with less detail”.

Pittsburgh continues to inspire Kim’s work. “I find inspiration and enjoyment teaching here in Pittsburgh. I have found that I am positive and encouraging and have a lot to offer. Because of my teaching, I have learned to value my art degree. Although I was too young to fully appreciate the gifts of my professors when working towards my degree, I certainly recognise them now and repeat the same truths now that I have students of my own.”


We hope you enjoyed finding out about Kim’s story. Don’t forget to view Kim’s stunning collection of available work here and admire her beautiful abstract expressionist paintings for yourself.

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Spotlight On Animals

Beautiful Artwork For Animal Lovers

Looking for an artwork that you can treasure to match your love of animals? This week, our curators’ have picked a selection of artwork just for animal lovers. Our talented artists have been busy creating stunning art from paintings to drawings to photography, and here are a few pieces for you to fall in love with.

1. “Raging Bull” by Hiten Mistry – £450

raging bull by Hiten Mistry l Pencil Drawing l FineArtSeen

This original pencil drawing of an elephant is full of stunning detail and shadowing.

2. “Gucci Pup Art” by Gillie and Marc – £267


What’s not to love about this delightful photo. Fill your walls with colour and your love of pups with Gillie and Marc’s exclusive collection.

3. “Fox In Foxgloves” by Zaira Dzaubaeva – £350

Fox in Foxgloves by Zaira Dzhaubaeva l Watercolour Painting l FineArtSeen

A colourful watercolour painting of a fox at rest.

4. “Black Magic” by Victoria Coleman – £345

Black Magic by Victoria Coleman l Mixed Media Painting l FineArtSeen

We are in awe of this beautiful painting of a Daschund from Victoria’s collection.

5. Urla inascoltate” by Cristina Donati Meyer – £355
Urla inascoltate by Cristina Donati Meyer

A striking abstract style painting.

6. “Windswept” by Denise Mitchell – £100

Windswept by Denise Mitchell l Pastel Drawing l FineArtSeen

We loved the detail and authentic feel of this pastel drawing of a blue tit.

7. “Red Squirrel” by Jo Maynard.

Red Squirrel by Jo Maynard l Pencil Drawing l FineArtSeen

A phenomenal pencil drawing by Jo Maynard. This is the perfect treat for animal lovers.

8. “Resting Fox” by Cassie Barwell – £250

Resting fox by Cassie Barwell l Acrylic Painting l FineArtSeen

The second fox painting in our curated list – we just thought this piece was magical.

9. “Sadko” by Yuri Ivashkevych – £160

Sadko by Yuriy Ivashkevych l Watercolour Painting l FineArtSeen

This horse is a fine beauty captured in watercolour.

10. “Animal Painting” by Karolis Greciunas – £2,000

Animal painting by Karolis Greiciunas l Oil Painting l FineArtSeen

Karolis captured this stunning lion in such a way that you feel like you are admiring him in person in the wild.

11. “Dusk Hour And A Horse” by Fernanda Cataldo – £100

Dusk hour and a horse by Fernanda Cataldo l Acrylic Painting l FineArtSeen












An acrylic painting full of colour.

You can view the full collection of available art at FineArtSeen.

Don’t forget to come back soon to view more of our curated artwork picks.